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            About Us
            Shanxi Leixin Chemical Co., Ltd. is a first-class manufacturer of nitrate, carbonate and potassium, calcium/magnesium fertilizers. It is one of the largest manufacturers of secondary element soluble fertilizer in the world. The company is situated in Xiaoxin Industrial Park, Jiaocheng County, Shanxi, abuts from 307 State Road and Xiafen Expressway, close to Jiaocheng Railway Station, it is easy of access.
            The company covers more than 50,000 sq. m. with the building area of more than 30,000 sq.
            Contact Us

            Shanxi Leixin Chemical Co., Ltd.
            Foreign Trade Corporation:
            Add: Taiyuan, Shanxi Pingyang Pingyang Garden Road, Building 5, 14 floors 1519A - 1521A
            Tel: +86-351-7838966 0351-8332616 

            Fax: +86-351-8063206
            E-mail: sxlxchem@163.com

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